Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Starting a New Collection

I've been an Eskimo in Oz for...five years?

These caught my eye at a nearby antique shop (they're salt and pepper shakers made in Japan):


... and these were found on Ebay (also made in Japan):


CUTE Eskimos, not garishly-drawn caricatures, are what I'm on the lookout for to build my newest collection!


  1. Very fun. Your vintage figurines are really cute. I've been picking up Asian figurines at my favorite thrift store lately. My influence might have something to do with a little Asian four year old in my house...hee hee. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Hi Michaele! What adorable little Eskimos. I want a red coat with a white fur hood like the last Eskimo girl! Thanks for stopping by to visit!


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