Monday, January 24, 2011

Sitting Room

Thanks to the purchase of a new couch for the family/living room, I now have the "old" loveseat and my huge round coffee table situated in the front room:


There's room for my magazines, a basket of yarn, my laptop and a cup of coffee... heaven!


I can see our china hutch, full of pretty dishes, icons, Russian lacquer and tchotchkes...


... with some twigs and lace nearby for good measure.


I can still keep on an eye on the kids as they negotiate for Wii time in the living room (yes, that's a student desk)...


... but here is where my new tea (or coffee) reading/crocheting/blogging rituals are going to take place.

With the deer looking at me.


1 comment:

  1. hehe are you kidding me?? yeah completely destined to meet my sister -- for I just moved around the furniture in my house to have the "actual" living room in the front room (was formerly a non-used "formal living room"..) and repurposed the back family room as a playroom for my son.
    Girl, I've got you followed...esp since I am completely eyeing that tulle wreath you have as your header pic! lol
    Did you make that? it's gorgeous and I might just copy it *blush*


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