Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eye Candy

Dear Daughter's godmother is visiting from Alaska, so my how-to for the altered Bingo card will be delayed.

We've been visiting home decor and antique malls and ~goodness~, there are some pretty things that have been catching my eye:

A wonderful map table/chest, the perfect height for standing-while-crafting...

map table

A mahogany console that I'd love to add to our bedroom decor...

Mahogany console

"OMG" heart wall art by ReDeux...

ReDeux heart

...and the prettiest little wagon for treats of some sort (picnic?), complete with removable trays and a carved storage interior...

pretty wagon

pretty wagon trays

The vendors' displays were so much fun to just stand back and take in... eye-candy.

Antique Mall Display

LOVE the petticoats hung from the ceiling with pastel honeycomb tissue bells!


  1. Lisa, isn't it wonderful? The wagon was at River Market Antiques in Kansas City~


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