Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Wasn't Looking for Paper

I have a thing for paper.

Scrapbook paper. Cards. Origami paper.

Notebook and composition paper.  Construction paper.  Photographs.  Cupcake liners.

Books.  Magazines.  Notepads.  Wrapping paper.  Tissue paper.

I find my papers in the usual places, and use most of them in the expected ways: wrapping presents, scribbling down notes, baking, reading, and crafting.  It's terribly fun to find new-to-me papers when they're the last thing I'm looking for, which is what happened yesterday after I went for a drive to Parkville.

As I searched for side and occasional tables at the Parkville Antique Mall, I came across fun paper items from multiple vendors:



Is it obvious that both the kindergarten teacher and the papercrafter in me were appeased with the fabulous finds?

The Folks in the Valley is a colorfully illustrated Pennsylvania Dutch ABC book, and I couldn't resist the Little Golden Book, We Like Kindergarten.

I love the illustrations because the children look like c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n, not short adults. (Are you sensing a pet peeve of mine?)


Those round cheeks, those faces focused on the exploration and formation of their clay.  I have Play Dough and clay as a center in my classroom year 'round.

But it's this "expanding wallet" of elementary school games that intrigued me the most:



I opened it up and found cards, cards, and more cards with typed names, explanations and directions for games for students in grades 1-6 to play at school.  Copyright?  1936!  Printed in 1948.




There's even a game called "Old Mother Witch" that just may find part of itself keeping my latest adopted ancestor company when I create this year's Halloween fancies:


What treasures have you found lately?

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  1. Those are some great finds, Michaele. They even could be useful!
    I did find a great old sewing machine at a garage sale on Memorial Day. it still had the original invoice from 1958 when it was shipped from LA to Anchorage. I paid less than the original price by a long shot.


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