Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Place

My crafty nook took another evolutionary step forward this past week when I was gifted with the perfect chair, discovered at Buckeye Antique Mall in Abilene, Kansas.

Happy Place 2

Green perfection, with a wonderful little side table just the right size for magazines, a plate of sweets, and a mug of coffee.  Thank you Shannon!


I don't think you've seen my crafty nook lately- come sneak a peek:

Happy Place 1

I'll need to find the perfect ottoman/footstool, since looking through my favorite Somerset publications requires full-on comfort and relaxation.

Happy Place 7

Hole punches keep little pretties company above paper, trim, fabric, odds and ends...

Happy Place 8

Happy Place 6


Who doesn't enjoy a little Papaya?

Happy Place 4

Correspondence at my desk includes cards, crafty inspiration and Facebook...

I've been given furniture, craft supplies, books, magazines, and other essentials from like-minded friends and family, such wonderful contributions to my happy place~

Thank you~


Come back tomorrow and see how in late June, I'm getting ready for Halloween!

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  1. Thank you for letting me get to play in your gorgeous workroom and to pillage and ransack antique stores with you!


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