Thursday, July 10, 2014

NaBloPoMo July Day 10: Paper Crafting

After the world opened up to me via blogging and social networking ten years ago, I became inspired by British lifestyle and crafting magazines that I encountered in book stores, and the gorgeous photography I found online.  Loving traditional party decor, I began crafting paper bunting!

 photo 100_6486.jpg

Scrapbook paper, ribbon, tulle, and buttons filled my workspace, and soon I began learning how and when to use coupons from stores such as Joann Fabric and Crafts, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby to make crafting tools like paper punches affordable.  Yard sales became another favorite crafting supply resource too, and I was able to add fabric and all sorts of other goodies to my stash.

 photo 100_8434.jpg

In anticipation of Where Bloggers Create 2014, I decided to make a new garland to hang from some twiggy branches that are in a corner of my crafty nook.  Having learned how to make bunting from other bloggers' online tutorials and DIY's, I'm happy to share the details of how I made my latest craft room decor!

I started with black cardstock and paper punches in three different sizes:

 The cardstock is reversible, black on one side, red on the other.  Arranging pieces into a pattern, I then decided to layer scrap paper punches, paper flowers, punches from glittery cardstock and adhesive jewels:

I used hot glue to adhere all of the layers to one side of the black cardstock circles:

Look at all of these cute medallions!  I arranged them into a pattern, and then flipped them over:

Using monofilament (thin fishing wire), I put a drop of hot glue into the middle of each medallion, carefully laying the monofilament into it, making sure it ran across the middle of the cardstock.  I then topped the glue dot with a glittered flower.

I spaced the medallions out quite a bit in order to lengthen the garland and improve the draping:

It helped that I didn't cut the monofilament from the spool while gluing, as it kept everything anchored as the garland grew longer:

I tied loops at both ends of the monofilament:

... and then draped it over the branches!

Did I mention that I have twinkle lights on the branches too?  I love this little corner of my creative space.

Have you been inspired by blogs?

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  1. It appears you have unyielding patience and loads of talent. Great stuff!


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