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Where Bloggers Create 2014: My Crafty Nook

Where Bloggers Create

Hello, and welcome to Twigs and Tulle!

My name is Michaele Sommerville, and I am thrilled to once again be participating in this online tour of creative spaces and inspiration!  Many thanks to Karen at My Desert Cottage for hosting this fabulous event.  Won't you come on in and have a look around?

Over the years my crafting space has grown and changed significantly.  Once relegated to a single basket full of yarn and crochet hooks tucked near the corner of a couch, I began to give myself additional space over time as my family and I relocated to and from military posts in New Mexico, Kansas and Texas, finally landing permanently in Oz.  Once my husband retired from the Army and we found our "forever home," he insisted that I have an entire room devoted to my crafts.

The doorway has some convenient hooks and an apron waiting for me, and is what catches my grosgrain ribbon once cut, keeping it organized.

Here's the view as soon as you're all the way into my crafty nook.  So many crafters and artisans refer to their space as a "studio," but I haven't been able to shake the nickname I used when I first carved out a little corner for myself and my crafting supplies years ago.  "Nook."  Of course my husband thinks "Mom Cave" is a more appropriate reference (see the pillow on my chair?).  

Speaking of chairs, if you visited last year, you'll remember the green beauty.  I'm happy to report that I found a friend for it:

My cubby storage is full of fabric bins, and those are stuffed-to-overflowing with crafty items such as tinsel, holiday garland, styrofoam forms, bottle brush trees, ephemera, tulle, adhesives and photographs.  The top row of cubbies is open so that I can tuck glass jars, bottles, and repurposed candy dishes in them.  Once housed along the window ledge, our new cat, Buck, demonstrated how ~fun~ it was to push them out of the way onto the floor several times, spilling ribbon, buttons, and spangles.  I'm still missing a glass jar and cork stopper from his last attempt at reorganizing my space...

Lighting, knick knacks, artwork and additional storage can be found on top of the cubbies:

A tiered cupcake holder with tea cups and candle votives caches a lot of goodies like beads and buttons.

This past year I taught myself how to solder, and have made many charms and ornaments for the holidays.  I like to keep some of them displayed in a shadow box near the door:

Here's the view from my green chairs.  I adopted a paper rack when a craft store went out of business, and it fits perfectly between my bunting bars (want to see what's in the closet?):

My card catalog stores my ribbon, keeping it neatly organized by color:


My desk is where I do most of my blogging, and I added a mini dress form to it when I began making charms:

Nooks, cubbies, and more storage.

My file cabinet has been turned sideways, and I covered its blah exterior with wrapping paper (of all things), prettying up the magnetic display.

Little boxes and drawers appear safer on the ledge than my glass bottles and dishes were.  Buck-the-Cat hasn't shown any interest in getting into them... yet.

But I am surprised that he hasn't attempted to dig through the contents of the bins:

Finally, a narrow yet tall bookshelf helps to keep all of my favorite crafting magazines, inspiration books and journals safe:

Thank you for visiting!  I hope you've found something that inspires you to give yourself the gift of a creative space, be it a desktop, corner nook, portion of the den, or entire room!  



  1. Love your crafting space! I like how it has the muted neutral background and then all kinds of POPS of color! So many neat storage pieces too.
    Great job!

  2. Wow it has grown quite a bit from a bowl of yarn!!! Lovely space and I love your chairs!

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creative space. Happy and Blissful being Creative...

  4. Love your room! It looks so inviting and cozy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very cool space!!! And very organized!!! A girl after my own heart:):)

  6. I can SO relate to not being able to indulge in a permanent Creative Space when you Live the Nomad Life! Now that we finally put down roots too it has been a Time when I could finally follow my Bliss and not have to constantly rid myself of whatever wasn't absolutely necessary because of moving so often! I really Enjoyed coming for a visit to your Creative Space, Thank you for Inviting me in and showing me around... I'm taking tips and notes on your superb Organizational Skills! *smiles... my own are sorely lacking!* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. A wonderful Nook you have Michaele!! Those beautiful chairs and all those drawers....I am so jealous. I too am a military wife and can't wait to set up a permanent studio. I've really enjoyed the tour. Thanks so much! Karen.x

  8. What a wonderful place to create and be inspired! I love those chairs.

  9. Your studio is lovely Michaele!! The colors are wonderful in there and I like the idea of string your ribbon in the card catalog! Now if only I could find one!! LOL!! Thank you so much for joining the party and being an inspiration!!

  10. Before I read your post. I have to tell you I love the Patriotic and tulle wreath! I knew I would forget to mention it! I came to see your creative space! Off to read the post.

  11. It is beautiful. I knew it would be. I love your color coordinated cubbies. I want some. Someday maybe. I did it backwards I went from closet to my own spaces then back to closet. But I am hopin by next year I might be in a bigger space again! I love your space it is beautiful. It is great to have room to move around and just sit in relax in the beautiful chair. Love the pillow. I love that your hook by the door says 'home'. If we are lucky enough to have a girl space it can be a home away from home. Mine is! I linked my 'little closet space' come see me.
    Thanks for sharing yours and inviting us to visit.
    Have a beautiful Sunday,

  12. Oh Buck, you sound like you must be related to my kitty, who thinks getting into my crafty stuff is fun and takes any attempt at thwarting him as a personal challenge as well as an insult! You know the fabric bins you have in the cubbies that don't have the glass bottles, etc.. .? Well, he has learned how to pull those open and riffle through whatever I have in them! So much for keeping twine and other things safely out of his reach. Your room is really lovely and I found myself wishing I could come by and visit. How nice that now that you are in your forever home your hubby insisted on you having a full room for all your creative goodness, that's a keeper!

  13. I really love your lighted tree! Thank you for sharing your space. :-)

  14. As soon as I saw those chairs, I knew I had been here before, Michaele! How great you found a second one. I love the set up in the middle of the room and that chest underneath the table. What a great storage piece. Love the paper organizer. I love that you have things that obviously mean something to you mixed in with your supplies and creations on display.

  15. FABULOUS craft room! What a wonderful organizer you are! Three cats live in my house and I have to be very careful about what I leave laying around because they've been known to jump up on my craft table. The ribbon storage is pure genius. Thank you for sharing.

  16. I love your eclectic crafty nook! love, love, love the green chairs ! I wish I could find some! The bunting bars are brilliant and I totally want to lean to solder!

  17. Wow, your space is so warm & welcoming and inspiring!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. What a great creative space. Love the bins and the cubbies. You are so organized. Looks like a great place to create. I will be borrowing some of your ideas, hope you don't mind. I am Janet from Graceful Rose.

  19. Oh your room is so large and beautiful! I LOL'd at your closet "Aragog" mention... being a fan of HP, I knew exactly what you meant. Yikes.

    ADORE your card cabinet - how wonderful! You are so organized... had to stop and take a closer look at your Pooh drawing - since I am from Winnipeg, home of Winnie the Pooh!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful creative space with us!

  20. beautiful . . . colorful . . . organized . . . fun . . . inspiring!

  21. Hi Michaele, what a great space you have! It looks so cozy and wonderfully organized. Love how you store your ribbons and paper, I definitely have to take some lessons from you!
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. You have a very nice creative space. I just LOVE those chairs---Want! Your room is cozy, inviting and very well organized. and, I love the wooden piece that holds all your ribbon.


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