Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NaBloPoMo July Day 9: How Has My Creative Space Changed in Ten Years?

After the many changes that my husband, children, pets and I experienced over the past decade, it's good to be where we're at, and it's wonderful to be able to share with others via blogging and social networking.

My teaching blog is where I post resources, reviews, and the occasional rant about all things kindergarten.  This blog, Twigs and Tulle, is where I share my off-duty interests and reflect upon the adventures my family and I have away from the classroom.  I post tutorials, and share many photos of how my crafty nook is organized for my hobbies and "me" time.

My creative space has changed in ten years.  At first, it was an armchair, or a corner of the sofa, where I could curl up my feet and crochet.  Then I needed a desktop with a sturdy workspace, and soon after, I needed storage for new materials and tools.  The gift of an old dresser and armoire expanded my storage and need for space greatly, so I ended up with a corner of our den, where I could be found making paper bunting and gift tags.  A flash flood, lots of damage and a military move later, I upgraded to a small room devoted entirely to my crafting.  When my husband retired from the military and we bought our "forever home," an extra bedroom was set aside just for me.

My crafty nook.

My "mom cave."

My sanctuary.

My creative outlet.

I don't have to accommodate our children, my husband, or my employer in this space, so there.  While one cat rarely visits the downstairs, our newest cat, Buck, believes every room is his wilderness to explore, and my crafty nook (I know, technically it hasn't been a "nook" in years) seems to contain the most exciting and enticing objects for batting at and chewing on.

In a few days it will be time to share photos in the annual tour of Where Bloggers Create.  Reflecting back to what my creative space was ten years ago and comparing it to today, I am grateful for all that I have learned and been given.  Where will I be in ten years?  What will I be creating or learning about?  Will I still want to share with others via blogging?  Who else will I meet and create with?

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  1. It's a nice room. I also love to create handicraft because it makes me feel peace, creative, and it's like I am lost in wilderness when I'm creating handicraft. I just so love the feeling as well as the output I can come up at the end of the day.



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