Friday, July 11, 2014

NoBloPoMo July Day 11: Treasure Hunting

Living in Fairbanks (Alaska) for so many years, my treasure hunting was limited to summertime yard sales, a wintertime craft show, limited antiquing outlets (usually requiring a trip to Anchorage), a fabulous local shop called Bayberry's (no longer open, from what I hear), and shopping online.  Ten years ago, Uncle Sam made the call that my husband, children and I would relocate to the first of several military posts, and a whole new world of artistry, repurposing, and nostalgia opened up before me.

Flea markets, vintage/thrift shops, and antique malls have become my new favorite haunts since moving to Oz.  A day-long excursion can easily encompass several shopping districts or even towns along the highway, and most vendors will share fliers with you that list other shops worth visiting.

Armed with not only my wallet but my camera as well, I hunt for Marcrest Daisy Dot dishes, craft items, glassware, Alaska kitsch, and Russian laquer.  I photograph vignettes (that I've shared here before) so I'll remember decor ideas or furniture options for future purchases, and to be honest, because much of it is just so ~pretty~.

Here are some photos from my latest excursion with a creative friend (who is also a teaching colleague!):

(Ooooh look, burlap bunting!)

Oversized, rusty metal letters...

Tomorrow my post for Where Bloggers Create 2014 will run, and if you visit, you'll get to see some of the treasures I've purchased that have found a new home in my crafty nook.

Where Bloggers Create

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